Buyers: Create a Home Theater to Entertain the Whole Family

As we enter our third week of our Drop in and Win spring promo, we turn to another side of the season not covered by discussion of gardens and spring colors that transform a home. We mean March Madness: that event most likely to keep basketball fans inside, glued to the tube, totally unaware that daffodils and tulips are popping up in the yard.

We dedicate this blog to these people, because one of our potential prizes is a gift certificate from Best Buy. And where better to get everything you need for a home theater worth staying home for, since that super-store carries everything from LG screens to full theater systems including speakers and 3-D glasses.

What You Need

  • A decent-sized screen, preferably in HD
  • Surround  sound speakers
  • Specially designed cabinets are available to fit in the equipment required for the home theater
  • Comfy seating
  • Storage for all the components, media, and wiring, which turn into a hot mess pretty quickly if not organized and contained

Optional Fun

  • A fridge for snacks and drinks
  • Pool, ping pong, shuffle board or foosball table (so you too can play games, not just watch other people doing it)
  • Movie and music posters to create the full effect
  • 3-d glasses if your TV does that magic trick (a lot of the new ones at Best Buy do)

Here are some examples of different versions of the home theater concept, from what looks more like a bachelor pad to what looks more like a family home. The first comes from Room Czar/HDTV and shows 100 % dedication to the theater in this garage conversion.

home theater seating

 Projection home theater

In a more family-oriented theater, you could complete the set up with a choose-your-own concession pantry. Surely you could include fruits and veggies too (wink!)  Photo care of Baller House.

home theater snack room

Where to Put Your Theater

Consider the spare room! We already blogged about ways to make use of a spare room, but a home theater could go in there with clever use of space and storage. Attics and basements also make great choices for a theater set up, but the basement is particularly suited because it’s dark and quiet.  Just be sure to waterproof well. The last thing you need is to discover a leak has destroyed your brand new LCD television.

Here are a couple of cool basement theaters showcasing different personalities. Both from Buzzle, the first, while the second is more theatrical with the addition of play house curtains and a raised stage.

dedicated home theater room

Wherever you set up, consider the walls. You’ll get the best picture if you use neutral colors that don’t reflect a lot of light. You can also use carpet on the floor, walls and even ceiling to absorb sound if you like you movies and music volume booming.  This keeps you popular with your family and your neighbors.

Home Theaters for the Whole Family

If you need to share your home theater with your living room, you might want have the option to hide some of the larger components, or to integrate them with the existing décor. Geekabout has some awesome ideas. In the first, the speakers and TV are not only part of the decorating scheme, they actually blend in with the room. 

In this second pic, a frog hides a speaker for an outdoor sound system.


As a woman (who’s a huge basketball fan and player!), I hope it’s clear this posting isn’t meant as a DIY man-cave blog.  Who isn’t enticed by the thought of a wide screen, plush chairs, and a fully stocked mini-fridge?  But like most first-time buyers in America, I probably can’t afford a house that’s already got a home theater. And I can’t really afford to dedicate a whole room to the joys of technological entertainment. For those of us who love the idea of a home theater but also want room for the rest of the home, these are helpful ideas. Drop in and Win prize money will help too! So get out there and visit your potential new home with your ZipRealty agent! Like all games, you have to play to win.