Break Out Those Costumes!

Today at Zip, many of us are donning our Halloween best. In honor of the holiday, we’ve made a list of some of the best (or kookiest) dressed homes featured around the web this week. Some of these may make you snicker while others may make you green with envy—let’s get started!

1. Larry Ellison’s (head honcho of Oracle/buyer and seller of ridiculously expensive real estate) equestrian palace hit the market recently, and the internet is gawking in response. Wanna ride horses in Woodside? Have 19 million to spare? Then this beauty’s for you. (via The Real Estalker)

2. Getting around by horse not for you? Then how about taking your home with you via the Mobile Home of the Future! Includes a bar… and a rainfall shower… and a pop-up terrace, etc. Buckle up and enjoy the ultimate party bus! (via Flavorwire)

3. These homeowners took “curb appeal” to a whole new (wild) level. (via Lovely Listing)

4. I’m no expert about the gaming world, which is why the moniker Lord British didn’t ring a bell… but I saw the words Waterslide! Observatory! Secret Passages! Curbed says, “Garriott built the 5,900-square-foot Britannia Manor II in the mid-'80s to mimic the castle of the indestructible adventurer” and is selling the Austin home for a sweet 4 million. (via Curbed)

5. It’s not technically a home, but we just couldn’t pass up Hotel de Sal in Bolivia. Everything, yes everything, in the hotel is made from salt by a “salt artisan”. Need a little seasoning? Just break off a piece of your chair! (via Daily Mail)

See any gorgeous or funny listings this week? Feel free to share them with us!

Happy Halloween!