Support Boston’s Back Bay

Over one week later, early this morning, Boston's Boylston Street reopened to the public. It has been a very long and emotional week for Boston and the nation.

Nine days after tragedy struck the finish line of the Boston Marathon, shoppers, restaurant goers and pedestrian traffic were allowed back into the Back Bay. The shutting down of Boylston Street, and the city has hurt Back Bay restaurants, stores and businesses.

So how can we show that we are #BostonStrong? Visit Boston! Walk, ride, drive, or take the T to the Back Bay and enjoy what our beloved Boston has to offer. Every trinket bought, drink ordered, appetizer enjoyed will go to help not only the  business owners but the many people that work for them. Every day people that are waiters, cooks, bartenders, cashiers, store clerks, and managers work in the Back Bay and depend on our business.

According to the Boston Athletic Association, the Marathon generates nearly $140 million in revenues for local hotels, shops, restaurants, and other businesses. They count on the annual event and now they have lost that and more. So while you donate to the One Fund Boston as you should remember to also support our local businesses and let them know we are truly #BostonStrong!


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