Small studio apartments may become the norm in Boston

Real estate in Boston, MA, may look a little different in the next few years, as Mayor Thomas Menino recently jumped on New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bandwagon, which would bring more small studio apartments to the Hub.

These apartments would be approximately 375 square feet and have just enough room for a bathroom, a kitchenette and a living area large enough for a foldout bed, The Boston Globe reports. What's more, these apartment options wouldn't be cheap, and could cost up to $1,500 a month.

Menino is pushing this design for the expanding Waterfront and Seaport District in the hopes of luring entrepreneurs to these areas, according to the news source.

The Associated Press article recently outlined Bloomberg's idea for studio apartments, and some interesting statistics highlighted the demand for such space. For instance, the news outlet reports that nearly 27 percent of the country is now living alone and, in Manhattan, approximately 76 percent of the people live alone.  

These metrics might symbolize an evolution in how people live in cities including Boston. In the coming years, the Hub might see the emergence and dominance of new apartment complexes featuring smaller studio units, which could bring an even greater number of new residents to the Greater metro area.