Seaport residents need cars to get around

When you began searching real estate in Boston, MA, for your new home, you likely checked out the Seaport district, as it's an up-and-coming community in the area. However, you may have also seen what the traffic can be like around rush hour - it's pure gridlock.

Recently, Seaport has seen an uptick in new development projects, many of which will be residential complexes. Unfortunately, at the current state, Seaport has limited public transportation options, which makes it a car-heavy community. The significant amount of new buildings will only increase this predicament unless the city of Boston does something to improve upon the bus system or breaks ground on a subway extension line.

Fred Salvucci, the former state transportation secretary who played a role in the Big Dig, told the Boston Business Journal, that without better public transportation, he envisions ridiculous gridlock to continue.

There are a lot of attractive qualities about Seaport like its proximity to the water, large loft apartments and emerging bar scene, but when you purchase a home in the area, make sure you make plans to also own a car. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to get in and out of the neighborhood when you want to most.