The Seaport District continues to attract both commercial and residential real estate investors

For the past several years, rumors of a growing and thriving Seaport District have excited Boston residents. Many people found the houses for sale in Boston around that area were attractive steals, and new restaurants and businesses were icing on the cake. The growth of the Seaport District is comparable to many other neighborhoods in the Greater Boston area, all of which attract a high number of businesses looking to set up shop and employ the city's brightest residents.

While the Seaport District is still developing, unlike Kendall Square and the Financial District, the community by the waterfront is already garnering enormous attention for commercial real estate investors and prospective homebuyers.

Currently, the average real estate asking price in the ZIP code 02210, which includes the Seaport District, is $867,000, according to ZipDataMaps. While asking price is well above the average real estate sale price of $332,000, the metric shows that confidence is strong among property owners in the area. Homebuyers who want to get into a new home in the Seaport District before values skyrocket and businesses open their doors might want to invest now.