Safe trick-or-treat neighborhoods are also great places to live in Boston

Investing in real estate in Boston is worthwhile not only for the Hub's beautiful cityscape, but because community officials take a family-centric approach to much of what they do. Whether you're preparing to go through with a home closing in the suburbs of Greater Boston or a condominium near downtown, you can feel safe knowing that, with the proper ground rules in place, your children will be safe this Halloween.

Recently, The Boston Fire Department issued a list of safety tips for parents to consider when preparing for this year's spookiest holiday. For children, dressing up in costume and walking the city streets looking for candy is a joy, but parents often find this time of year stressful. There are a lot of potential dangers to allowing children to walk the streets, so it's important that trick-or-treaters are briefed on ways to remain safe this year.

According to the Boston Fire Department, smaller children should always be accompanied by an adult - it's best for the city, parents and little ones. If older children are going out alone, parents should always know which neighborhoods they will be in exactly, and parents should not hesitate to forbid their kids from traveling to unfamiliar areas. It's best when children head out in a group, and parents should equip the group with mobile phones so they can easily get in contact with parents when appropriate.

Last year, Boston Magazine published an article that outlined the best streets in the Hub for trick-or-treating. For homeowners who now live in Downtown Boston, Beacon Hill and the North End are friendly communities that offer exciting environments for kids, and each neighborhood has a reputation of being safe during peak trick-or-treat hours.

Grab a sweet when you trick-or-treat on Beacon Hill
Kids will enjoy Pinckney and Mount Vernon Streets on Halloween. Beacon Hill already has the perfect atmosphere with its wrought iron gates, cobblestone walkways and eerily private homes - the perfect accents to bring the spooky out this year. In addition, these two streets are often closed to traffic on Halloween night, and Beacon Hill residents have a reputation of dishing out some seriously large candy bars.

The North End offers fun-size candies
The North End features a low crime rate and creepy graveyards - perfect for Halloween adventures. What's more, this community is compact, so kids can visit multiple homes quickly and maximize the amount of candy they rake in this year. Trick-or-treaters should check out Old North Church and then make their way down Hanover Street to enjoy the festive atmosphere that always exists in the North End.