Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo in Boston

Those in the market for Boston real estate will find themselves facing two basic options: Condos or Houses. Either buy a comfortable condo or opt to spend a bit more per square foot and get a single-family home. Because of the lack of land in the city itself, single-family Boston homes for sale are a bit pricier, and you can find quite a few choice options away from the heart of the city at times. Understanding the pros and cons of buying a condo will help you make the right decision for your specific situation.

Benefits of Living in a Condo

The condo lifestyle has many benefits. In some instances, you can get more home for less money when you buy a condo, although size may be limited in these homes.

Many people opt to buy condos in Boston to enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle. You will have no yard to maintain, and if something goes wrong inside your unit, the condominium management will fix it. No struggle with leaking pipes when you live inside a condo.

As you shop for Boston homes for sale, you are going to find that the properties near the heart of the city are almost all condominiums. This makes location another potential benefit. If you wish to have a short commute or need to live near the city's center, these homes are going to be your best option.

Drawbacks of Buying a Condo

As you're searching for Boston homes for sale, remember that there are a few drawbacks to living in a condo. For some, not having a yard to mow is a benefit, but families with pets or children may miss having a spacious backyard to play in. You will have to decide if the lower maintenance is worth sacrificing the comforts of your own outdoor space.

Also, when you live in a condominium complex, you have little say over what your neighbors do, and your neighbors will be quite close. Without the benefit of land between your unit and theirs, you might find that this type of living condition could disrupt the enjoyment of your new condo.

Finally, when you purchase a condo you will have to adhere to the bylaws of the Homeowner's Association. These bylaws are for your benefit, as they allow the condominium authorities to regulate the way people use their units in an effort to keep some level of decorum throughout the building. Still, there may be laws or regulations that you find difficult to follow. Always check these out before you buy any Boston real estate in a condominium building.

Luxury Condominiums in Boston

If you've decided that condos are the type of Boston real estate that best meets your needs, you can find luxury options in several key areas throughout the city. The North End, for example, has spacious condominium homes in the city's oldest residential community. You can also find luxury spaces along Boston's waterfront area, where you can benefit from all of the benefits of owning a condo coupled with stunning water views.

As you search for the right Boston homes for sale, make sure you are working with a real estate agent who understands your needs. With the right agent, you will find the right property in no time.


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