North Shore Boston dog parks - A place for your pooch

by Talisa Rafferty.

These days buying a house in North Shore Boston isn't simple for anyone. Pet owners have their own set of features that are at the top of the list when searching for a home.  

According to, Boston, MA comes in third place on the list of top ten pet friendly cities. This would explain why so many people want to make sure that the house that they buy has some dog friendly amenities. In addition to the normal fenced in yard request, many buyers are now checking out how close their potential home is to the nearest 24 hour veterinarian, pet store or dog park where they can take their furry friend out for an off leash walk.  

I recently wrote an offer on a home for sale in Melrose, MA that included the big custom made dog house in back. The same client had the doors measured for doggy doors before he put the offer in, just to be sure that his best friend would be able to get outside and use the yard if he wasn't home. Some of my clients have requested to stay in an area that will allow them to keep the same pet sitter or dog walker.  

Years ago, I probably would have thought that these people were insane. Now that I have a cat and a dog, I know how important living in a town with a good veterinarian can be.

Where I live, North of Boston there are several places where you are allowed to take your dog off leash or where you can bring your pup to socialize with other local doggies. The City of Lynn has a great park called Lynn Woods with walking trails. Sheepsfold Park in Medford is a 10-acre open field that is used by dog walkers and picnickers alike.  It is a great place to take your pet and enjoy the day.  There is more than enough space for larger dogs to romp and not bother anyone. In addition,   The Sheepfold has an open area where dogs are allowed to go off leash.

In Saugus, there is Breakheart Reservation. In addition to the paved path that loops through , there are trails that meander through the area. The Friends of Breakheart buy biodegradable pick up bags for the waste and they are always there at the reservation gates. Though dogs must be leashed when on the paths, there is a large fenced in area called Bark Place where friendly dogs can play together off leash.  

Somerville residents have their pick of two dog parks. Nunziato Dog Park at Nunziato Field has a large fenced in area with gravel that provides plenty of space for big dogs to play. Ed Leathers Park is a bit smaller, but is still a really nice place to take your pooch. It is great for smaller breed dogs. Revere is the home of Belle Isle Marsh . This is Boston's last remaining salt marsh. The Belle Isle Marsh Reservation preserves 152 acres of the 241 acre Marsh. It is an on leash park but there are always several dogs. The longest loop is 3/4 of a mile long and it is a very pretty, relaxing place to take your pet.

If you are purchasing Boston real estate with your furry friend in mind, don't be afraid to ask your local Realtor for information on the pet friendliness of the area. Even if your agent does not have a pet, we always know somebody that knows somebody and can get you an answer or lead you (and your pet) in the right direction.  
Talisa Rafferty helps real estate clients find homes for sale North of Boston.