The narrow North End streets will make you feel welcome

When you begin planning to move into real estate in Boston, MA, you may want to consider investing in a North End home. The small community is situated just across the Charles River from Charlestown, MA, and is separated from downtown Boston by the expansive Roseland Greenway park system.

Inside the winding streets, it's easy to forget where you are, as the old-world feel of the community seeps out from the storefront windows and resonates in the air. Pastry shops, restaurants and bars line Hanover Street, which comes alive in the summer months and on the weekends. What's more, families trek in from the suburbs to attend the Improv Asylum, a local comedy club located on 216 Hanover Street, which garners attention from locals and tourists alike.

Moving to the North End may feel a lot like visiting a European country, but construction continues to take place in the area, making it more of a cozy community than a nightlife spot for Boston youths. Recently, the City of Boston agreed to expand Eliot K-8 School, a popular public grammar school, to provide more classrooms for local students. The new facility will be constructed on 37 and 39 North Bennet Street and 48 to 52 Tileston Street, The Boston Globe reports.

Families looking for an affordable and lively place to live may want to consider the North End of Boston for its entertainment, culture and growing school systems.