Menino plans to take back pedestrian space in Boston

When you envision moving into real estate in Boston, MA, you likely picture the stunning cityscape, classic brick buildings and bumpy cobblestone walkways. While the metro area has certainly kept up-to-speed with evolving trends and roadway traffic remains an important part of the city's infrastructure, there have been several projects over the past few years that have helped keep Boston green, vibrant and perfect for pedestrians.

Recently, small city projects have begun to take place in Boston, including the emerging South End community. In this neighborhood, parking spaces are being converted into small parklets, which are petite, three-season patios that feature benches, planters and sidewalks. They are a growing part of Mayor Thomas M. Menino's plan to reclaim urban space for pedestrians across the Hub. Menino recently proclaimed "the car is no longer king" in Boston, according to The Boston Globe.

As a prospective homeowner, you will probably want to make sure your new community will feature plenty of outdoor space for you to enjoy. Fortunately, in Boston, your interests and those of your neighbors may be realized in the form of parklets.