Jamaica Plain residents prefer to keep the community the way it is

In Massachusetts, foreclosure activity fell in September 2012, which is just one more sign that the housing market continues to recover. According to the Warren Group, 873 petitions were initiated last month - a 16.4 percent year-over-year decline. September 2012 foreclosure rates were below 1,000, which is the first month this year in which such a decline was recorded. All in all, 510 foreclosure deeds were recorded last month - a 32 percent decline from the same month a year ago.

"The pace of homes entering the foreclosures process slowed in September, another strong indicator of a housing market recovery," Chief Executive of the Warren Group Timothy Warren Jr. said in a statement. "Foreclosure deeds declined for the fourth month in a row. That's another good sign."

One area in which an uptick in real estate activity could alter the face of the community is Jamaica Plain. Although, residents of the neighborhood are trying to prevent widespread developments that threaten to bring new, upscale housing complexes into the area, according to The Boston Globe.

The news source reports that there is a cultural clash underpinning the current housing skirmishes, which is coming from a group of residents trying to slow the pace of change in the ever-evolving neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. While many suburban towns expend money to keep affordable housing outside their borders, Jamaica Plain wants to avoid all luxury construction projects at all cost.

The neighborhood recently turned down a redevelopment project at 161 South Huntington Ave, where a local company wants to replace an old building with 196 new apartments, the news source reports. Locals complained about high rents at the complex - one even went as far as to say that the construction project would turn the neighborhood into a beacon for "transient rich people" and act as "a gateway to get a new demographic." The 161 South Huntington project is just one of a number of somewhat upscale housing projects drawing fire from residents.

Homebuyers who are interested in Jamaica Plain should look at the more traditional homes for sale in Boston and the surrounding community, instead of the newer upscale units. While Jamaica Plain may evolve and adhere to demand for new residential complexes down the line, currently residents are adamant that the old-world feel of the community remains intact. This outlook may keep future development projects on the back burner.