Jamaica Plain is an affordable community in Boston, MA

When shopping real estate in Boston, MA, you may want to consider the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. The four-square-mile region is a popular community in the Greater Boston area and offers affordable housing options for people of all income levels. The neighborhood was a part of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and was established in the 1630s, MSN Real Estate reports. It garnered its name from the Anglicization of Kuchamakin, a leader in the Massachusett tribe when British settlers arrived, according to the news source.

Today, the neighborhood is an ethnically diverse area that embraces all types of tradition and culture, including a growing gay and lesbian community. The average real estate asking price in the community is $474,685, but the average sale price is around $381,294, according to ZipDataMaps.

Currently, the unemployment level in Jamaica Plain is 3.76 percent, which is far lower than the current Suffolk County level of 6.2 percent and the state's figure of 6.6 percent. If you want to invest in property in an up-and-coming area, you may want to consider Jamaica Plain for its diversity, location and long-standing tradition.