Homebuyers are claiming Bay State homes at an impressive pace

Real estate in Boston, MA, has reached pre-recession sales rates, which is a bright sign that the housing market in the Bay State is improving. According to The Boston Globe, May 2012 home sales were up more than 27 percent on a year-over-year basis, while The Warren Group suggests sales could have been as high as 35 percent. While the two sources report significantly different metrics, the double-digit rise - whatever it may be - means that values may soon be on the rise as well.

Homebuyers looking to move to Massachusetts may want to consider the Greater Boston metro area for their next home. The city is a thriving area, and its many neighborhoods provide specific amenities to complement any lifestyle.

In fact, younger homebuyers who want to relocate to a city where it is safe to raise a family may want to consider the Back Bay community in Boston. This neighborhood boasts brick-lined sidewalks, sprawling brownstones and a variety of upscale restaurants.

The Back Bay is a highly affluent neighborhood that offers a wide array of properties. The median income in the community is approximately $92,954, according to ZipDataMaps, so buyers who fall into similar price ranges may find living in this community to affordable and worthwhile.