Guy Real Estate and the Red Sox

You may be thinking Boston real estate and the Red Sox? The two couldn't be further apart. But to me they have a lot of similarities. I wasn't born and bred into Red Sox nation. In fact, as a very young boy I didn't even know what baseball was. I was born in Italy where soccer is king. Soccer in Italy is more than just passion, soccer for Italians means tradition, just like the Red Sox to any Bostonian.
I came to the United States in 1967, as a 10 year old boy. My first introduction to baseball was the 1967 Red Sox season; you may know it better as The Impossible Dream.

That season, the Red Sox shocked the baseball world by winning the American League Championship and going to the World Series for the first time since 1946.  You may say my life was somewhat of an impossible dream too, I was part of the American dream coming to a foreign land and starting a new life at the age of 10. The Red Sox team and season was infectious and had one of the most memorable finishes in baseball history. The AL pennant race was a nail biter going to the very last game, with Boston beating out the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins by just one game. Thus a Red Sox fan was born and since that day there have been many similarities to how I view my beloved Red Sox and my passion of real estate.

It's a team sport. Although sometimes it may seem as though baseball is just between the pitcher and the batter, it takes a whole team to win the game; moving batters around the bases, being the cutoff man in the throw and calling just the right pitch. Real estate is not just about a buyer and a seller. It takes a team of people to make a transaction go smoothly. As a real estate professional I am like the head coach, putting the players in the lineup at just the right time and calling the right play. I am always going for a win.

It's not always about the numbers. You can't always play by the numbers. Look at the 2004 Red Sox, that wasn't a team of superstars. Yes, they had Schilling and Damon. They started the 2004 season well and with much anticipation. By mid-season the team struggled due to injuries, inconsistency, and defense problems. By that time they were down on their luck and just made the Wild Card. They were self-appointed "The Idiots". The odds were not in their favor. There was the bloody sock, and by game 3 of the ALCS the Red Sox were down three games to none after a crushing 19–8 loss to the dreaded Yankees in Game 3 at Fenway. But numbers meant nothing in what has been called the biggest choke in sports history, the Red Sox went on to win the next three games against the Yanks and then go on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinal in the 2004 World Series.

The numbers aren't always an indicator whether to buy or sell either. For most residential purchases it is about timing. But you can't time the market. It is more about timing your life. Are you financially stable? Does it make sense to buy or sell? Do you need to buy or sell? No matter what the market, real estate has and will continue to be a good long term investment. And for the fans that waited 86 years to see the Red Sox as World Champions the long term investment paid off too.

You have to be in it for the long haul. It's a long season. Regular season baseball starts in mid-April and can go all the way (if you are lucky) through October. The quest to buy or sell a home can be a long process too. It is a major decision so there is prep work to do. If you are a buyer the process means getting pre-approved and searching for the right home. If you are a seller it means cleaning, organizing and staging your home to sell. Think of those periods as your Spring Training. Once you are in the market it is now a game of finding the right home or seller. This is where I am an expert if I don't say so myself.
It's not over till it's over. Unlike most sports baseball has no time limit. Now lots of people complain about that but that is also what can make it so exciting. Baseball is never over till the very last out. It can be bottom of the ninth, 2 outs and the batter starts a rally going on to win the game. Real estate is much the same way. As a real estate professional my job is to be involved in every play and stay with the process to the very last out or the closing.

As Bill "The Spaceman" Lee, the left handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox once said, " I know it's cliché, but pitching is like real estate: location, location, location. That and changing speeds. It takes guts and confidence to throw stuff over the plate, but you have to do it."
Guy Contaldi serves Ziprealty Boston real estate clients, and has a special affinity for real estate in Somerville MA - his hometown. You can also visit Guy Contaldi’s blog here.