Great places to search for a home in Boston

Boston, Massachusetts is a city with a long – and colorful – past. Throughout the area, there are signs and symbols of American history. If you are fortunate enough to be looking at Boston homes for sale, be sure to check out the South End. Though once considered to be a tenement district that had fallen victim to urban blight, the South End in Boston is now considered a desirable location for young, upscale residents to live. Consequentially, Boston home listings in the South End are typically at the high end of the price range by national standards, yet remain lower than some of Boston’s most affluent neighborhoods such as Beacon Hill and Back Bay.

The name “South End” is a bit misleading as the neighborhood is not directly south of downtown Boston. The South End can be found between Back Bay to the north and Dorchester to the south. Like the city of Boston in general, the South End has a long and interesting history dating back to the mid-1800s. As is the case throughout much of Boston, most of the housing in the South End consists of the classic five-story, red-brick row houses. Styles vary from Renaissance, Greek, and Gothic Revival to French Second Empire. Though originally a middle class neighborhood, the South End became known for its tenement housing by the turn of the 20th century, and throughout the majority of the 20th century the South End remained in urban blight and industrial “progress.” However, revitalization made its way to the South End by the turn of the 21st century as it did to many other run-down urban areas throughout the country. As a result, Boston homes for sale in the South End began to see a marked increase in value. Today, a prospective homebuyer can expect to pay a moderate to high price for Boston home listings in the South End.

Residents of the South End enjoy proximity to excellent – and diverse-- dining options, live music at local bars and pubs, and shopping at area boutiques and one-of--kind stores. The South End has always been an ethnically diverse area and remains so today. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy an Italian dinner, followed by a French dessert and topped off with an Irish beer with some incredible live Jazz thrown in for entertainment later in the night. In addition, the South end is well-known for its numerous outdoor parks and greenways as well as for the thriving community of artists that call the area home.

Boston homes for sale in the South End start anywhere from $250,000 to $400,000 for a one bedroom, one bathroom home. If you are looking for a larger space expect to pay over $600,000. The vast majority of homes for sale in the area are row houses, distinguishable from one another by their architectural style. If you are looking for a vibrant, diverse neighborhood to call home in the Boston area, talk to your real estate agent about Boston home listings in the South End neighborhood.

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