Downtown Boston condo sales increase in the first quarter of 2012

Typically, when real estate in Boston, MA, is under construction, good things are just around the corner. With contractors taking on commercial projects at a more regular pace, and home builder and renovation companies breaking ground on new contracts, the surging Boston marketplace is primed and ready for its return to prosperity.

In first quarter of 2012, downtown Boston condo sales, which includes residences in the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the Fenway and Kenmore area, Midtown, North End, South End, Waterfront and West End, increased 38 percent compared to the numbers seen in 2011, Michael DiMella wrote on his real estate blog. The rise in activity shows buyers and sellers in the area are able to complete transactions, get their desired asking prices and find new housing options to fit their evolving lifestyle and financial situations.

With the Hub contracting nearly 1.6 million square feet of office space for updates and renovations, industry is booming in the city, The Boston Globe reports. Homebuyers who need to upgrade for more space or want to relocate to the area may be able to find several great home options and take advantage of job growth in the region. When it comes to moving to a community with a stabilizing housing, economic and job market, Boston is an easy choice to make.