Buying a Home in Greater Boston's Top School Districts

Home of iconic historic monuments like Plymouth Rock and Paul Revere's House, Boston is known for its rich heritages. The city is also known for its waterfront views and high-end real estate. But what it's also known for is its emphasis on education. With 134 public schools and some of the most prestigious universities in the world, education is important to the residents of Boston, Massachusetts.

Whether you have kids at home or not, buying a home in a top school district is to your advantage. The quality and performance of your neighborhood's school district will have an influence on your property value and can help with your resale value in the future. As you consider what area of Boston you are going to shop in, consider homes near these high achieving public school systems

Public Education  in Dover

Nestled on the banks of the Charles River, the town of Dover is known as the Town of Friendship. The Dover-Sherborn School High School was ranked as the fourth best in the state by U.S. News and World Report, an award that points to the quality of education that Dover students receive.

This community sits just to the southwest of downtown Boston, and is quite convenient for those who work in the city. Dover is known for its luxury real estate options, with many homes priced at over a million dollars. These properties are often on large lots in country settings, which helps the owners retain some privacy and escape the confining feelings of the city. Those who wish to benefit from Dover's convenient location and excellent schools, but who have a tighter budget, will find more affordable Boston homes for sale here if they shop for town homes or condos in the community.

Public Education in Sherborn

Sherborn and Dover share their highly ranked public schools, but properties in Sherborn are slightly cheaper. While you'll still find our share of multi-million dollar properties in Sherborn, the lower end of the market tends to be a little more affordable than in Dover. Boston home prices in Sherborn vary depending on the type of property you are shopping for. Here, you can find a single family home in the $400,000 range all the way up to the multi-million dollar price range. Sherborn has quite a few large estates on spacious lots, including a number of properties that are ready for horses.

Lexington School District

If you know your history, then you've heard of Lexington, the town where the Revolutionary War started with the "Shot heard round the world." Here you'll find an interesting mix of newly developed properties, established homes and historic buildings. Boston homes for sale in Lexington have high price tags as well, because of the historic significance of the area, the sheer size of these homes, and because of its excellent schools, with Lexington High School being one of the top public school in the Greater Boston area. You'll find a number of available properties in Lexington, but the price range is probably going to be over a million dollars here. On the low end you can find properties for approximately $400,000 for the more modest houses or condos. Condos offer more affordable Boston home prices.

As you being the process of searching for Boston homes for sale, don't forget to consider the school district. By shopping for homes in one of these communities, you will position yourself for excellent Boston home prices in the future.

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