Boston's job market one of the strongest in the nation

If you plan to relocate to a different metro area for new work opportunities, you might want to consider real estate in Boston. Recently, the Hub had many companies that were featured on Inc. Magazine's top 5,000 list of growing companies. In fact, Boston easily broke the top 10 and was ranked number 6 with 186 companies on the list.

The Hub is an attractive metro area for business because of the constant flow of graduates the city produces annually. Whether from Harvard University or MIT, students flood the Boston job market in droves, which creates numerous new small-to-medium-sized businesses each year. Additionally, Mayor Thomas Menino has introduced several initiatives for small businesses in Boston that are geared toward improving growth.

When you begin to look for property in Boston, you might want to consider the average cost of living in the metro area. Currently, the average real estate asking price in ZIP code 02110, which includes downtown Boston, is $775,429, according to ZipDataMaps. This ZIP code is home to Beacon Hill and the Waterfront, two communities in close proximity to the Financial District.