Boston subway line called one of the best by MSN

When you plan to relocate to the Hub, you will find that the houses for sale in Boston are mostly located within walking distance to the famous subway line. What's more, MSN recently declared the T as one of the greatest public transportation systems in North America, and anyone who has used the subway system to get from point A to point B can attest to this designation.

The subway in the city uses trolley-style trains that look like the 19th-century days of horse-drawn street cars. While some of the stations are so close together you can walk from one to the other in shorter time than it would take to wait for the actual train, the clean, and affordable, transportation system is the best way to get across town.

Additionally, the Boston subway system stretches far into the Greater metro area, so even if you live in Quincy or Revere, you can be downtown in a matter of minutes on one of the city's fast and efficient lines.

Moving to Boston comes with significant benefits, and if you haven't factored in the convenience of the subway, you might want to look at its route before purchasing a home in the Hub.