Boston micro-apartments may attract professionals who work in the city periodically

Real estate in Boston is going through a transition, as more micro-apartment units are slated for construction in the city's growing Seaport District. With the Hub an influential city for international business relations, many professionals from all over the world look at Boston as a potential new metro area to settle down in or, at the very least, purchase a temporary living spot from when work brings them overseas.

Recently, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced a plan to construct units as small as 450 square feet on the Waterfront, as a way to provide more minimalistic living spaces for permanent or part-time residents of the Hub.

"From the very start of our plan for the waterfront and Fort Point Channel, we knew housing would be a crucial part of the equation," Menino said during a ceremonial groundbreaking. "This project will help turn this neighborhood into a vibrant, 24-hour mixed-use community."

If work brings you to Boston regularly, you might want to consider investing in a micro-apartment in the Seaport District, as a way to make your accommodations more personable. Additionally, these smaller units may provide you with adequate space should you decide to move to the city permanently to pursue future endeavors.