3 diverse neighborhoods in downtown Boston

With the U.S. economy more stable today than in the past five years, housing market trends brighter and unemployment below 8 percent, the time to invest in real estate in Boston is now. However, it can difficult for any buyer to identify the neighborhoods in the Hub that offer affordable housing options and favorable entertainment opportunities. Below are three downtown Boston communities that continue to grab the attention of homebuyers.

ZIP code 02113 - The North End
If you haven't visited Boston's North End yet, you haven't experienced all that the Hub has to offer. The North End, which is heavily influenced by traditional Italian culture, is lined with brick apartments that look as if they were taken straight out of a picture book from the old country. With an array of fine-dining establishments and quaint markets, the North End feels a lot more like a suburban neighborhood than a downtown district, and a quick stroll through the winding streets will uncover some of the neighborhood's hidden cafes, parks and basketball courts. Currently, the average real estate asking price in the North End is $512,667, but the average real estate sale price is $492,600, ZipDataMaps reports.

ZIP code 02110 - The Waterfront
The Boston Harbor is one of the Hub's most represented characteristics in American culture. The views from the city's piers are breathtaking, and the amount of docked boats that sway in the water is astounding. If you haven't visited The Waterfront neighborhood yet, the community's beauty really stands out compared to other cities. This community is home to Boston's Aquarium, and parts of the city's Financial District. Currently, the average real estate asking price in the Waterfront is $775,429, according to the source, but property values will only increase as the market improves.

ZIP code 02108 - Beacon Hill
If you have a bigger budget, shop the Beacon Hill community for your next home. This neighborhood surrounds the Boston Common and features traditional brick apartments and single-family homes that overlook much of the city. Placed atop a rather steep hill, this area attracts the attention of affluent buyers who enjoy Boston's more traditional side. According to ZipDataMaps, the average real estate sale price is $1,670,342, and homes are in great demand in this area.

Whether you have a small budget or a lot of available resources you can put toward a home, Boston has a property perfect for your needs, and your dream house may reside in one of these three ZIP codes.