What options are available for Bay Area frozen yogurt lovers?

Frozen yogurt is a delightful comfort for many Bay Area residents. When you're exploring the homes for sale in the Bay Area this summer, you might want to consider making a stop at one of the following frozen yogurt venues to experience some of the flavors this region has to offer.

Fraiche Yogurt
Fresh, homemade treats are available at Fraiche Yogurt. Located at 1910 Filmore Street, this popular dessert venue serves residents all-natural frozen yogurt that delivers the same benefits as traditional yogurt. Its selections are made on-site, and you can select from three delicious flavors - fat-free natural, 98 percent fat-free valrhona chocolate and 99 percent fat-free, lactose-free soy.

Cultive Frozen Yogurt
Cultive Frozen Yogurt provides offerings that include live, active cultures to promote a healthy digestive system. This frozen yogurt haven provides tart and non-tart flavors designed to suit every visitor's tastes. You can find this locally owned and operated business at 1998 Union Street.

Nubi Yogurt
Nubi Yogurt at 2300 16th Street serves at least 15 flavors to Bay Area residents, and continuously develops new creations. Recently, this venue introduced Greek black cherry and Oreo cheesecake frozen yogurt to its menu, and fresh fruits and toppings offer an excellent complement to such sensational flavors.