Top qualities that make San Francisco a great place to live

Homes for sale in the Bay Area are located in and around one of the most renowned cities in the United States. San Francisco has received multiple accolades from numerous organizations that praise the area's versatility, and those who move to the greater region have access to a great job market, romantic hot spots and even world-class restaurants.

If you are considering a move to a completely new city, read to discover some of the reasons why San Francisco may just be the city for you.

Start-up tech market

Long known for the Silicon Valley to the south, the Bay Area is recently becoming notorious for its incredible atmosphere for entrepreneurship, especially in regards to the technological field. At the behest of USA Today, the National Venture Capital Association ranked the top ten American cities for tech start-ups, based on the dollar amount of investments made in such corporations during 2011.

The study placed San Francisco in the top spot on the list, and this should come as no surprise to people familiar with the area. The news source reported that seven of the top ten most popular websites have operations in the city, and many universities in the area cater to the tech market by offering specific degrees geared toward employment in the industry.


When people think of a shiny technological mecca like San Francisco, they may assume that engineers and IT techs are too busy for romance. However, the Huffington Post recently lauded the Bay Area for its fantastic date spots, which are perfect for first meetings, anniversaries and even wedding proposals.

Some of the highlighted institutions included Candybar, Amelie and the Absinthe Brasserie and Bar. The first establishment is a dessert-only restaurant that is a great way to make a sweet mark on an annual celebration. The sparkling wine is also the perfect complement to rich cakes and treats. Amelie is a French-inspired bistro for those looking for a little Paris romance, and the Absinthe Brasserie and Bar is the darker, more nuanced version of Amelie.

Plus, as far as scenery goes, who wouldn't want to spend an evening with a loved one gazing longingly out over the Bay at the Golden Gate Bridge? The sights and sounds of San Francisco are more than enough to get anyone in the mood for love, so if you've got a significant other moving with you, check out the MLS listings in the Bay Area.