Top private high schools in San Francisco

If you are considering buying one of the houses for sale in the Bay Area and have any children, you'll be scrutinizing San Francisco for great preparatory schools. Luckily for you, the city is home to some fantastic academic institutions, including a number of renowned private facilities. If you have time, check out the possibility of enrolling your kids in one of the following local schools.

Sacred Heart Cathedral Prepatory

SHCP was first founded in 1874, and has merged with several other institutions over the years to reach its current academic form. This co-educational Catholic school is among the best private schools in the city, and current tuition ranges between $17,750 and $19,000.


Lick-Wilmerding describes itself as a "private school with a public purpose," and its curriculum gives word to this mission statement, focusing on civic engagement and community service. Due to varying financial aid programs, tuition for one year could cost as little as $1,000 or as much as $34,996.

These two schools are among the best in the city, but San Francisco is known for its rigorous academic institutions. There are plenty of other high schools around the metro area, and every one has a different advantage.