Top 4 water activities near San Francisco

San Francisco residents flock to the water to enjoy a large variety of activities, and the temperate weather in the region allows these sports to take place year-round. If you have just purchased one of the homes for sale in the Bay Area, consider taking a trip to some of the following locations to experience a wet and wild day.

California Canoe & Kayak has two locations in the Bay Area. One shop is located at 409 Water Street in Oakland, while the other is situated to the south at 214 Princeton Avenue in Princeton-by-the-sea. This company offers kayaking classes and tours, and trips take place in many of the smaller bays around the region. Sea kayaking is also available for those who would like to brave the Pacific Ocean.

This company is great for first-time kayakers, as the professional staff is friendly and instructional. If you've always wanted to try kayaking but have never had the chance, check out California Canoe & Kayak - you won't regret it.

Scuba Diving
While traditionally seen as a tropical sport, scuba diving is also very prevalent in San Francisco. Andrea's Aquatics specializes in scuba certification, and offers training and instruction for beginner divers. In addition, the company plans trips to exotic locations like the Philippines for those who wish for a warmer climate. Give them a call at 415-878-0241 to plan your scuba adventure.

While the beaches of Southern California are warm and inviting, the waters of San Francisco have some great waves. Adventure Out offers expert instruction in many kinds of outdoor activities, and their surfing group meets in the main parking lot of Pacifica State Beach. If you have always wanted to try surfing, sign up for a two-day beginner class - all the gear is included, and prices range between $155 and $175 depending on class size and date of sign-up.

California Windsurfing is one of the top windsurfing companies in the region, and although you'll have to travel about 20 miles south to Foster City, the world-class instruction here is well worth the drive. The comprehensive six-hour training program costs only $10, and customers can rent all of the necessary equipment.