As tech evolves, so do Bay Area jobs

San Francisco is one of the most modern cities in the United States, and therefore has a thriving employment market with foundations in green energy, sustainability, and most of all technology. Homes for sale in the Bay Area are located near the Silicon Valley, a place that many international tech companies call home.

Recently, San Francisco has established itself as a research and business capital for several new tech industry trends. If you are an expert in any of the following fields and are seeking relocation, consider searching the greater Bay Area for a new home.

Big Data

This term refers to sets of information that are too large to be manipulated by traditional hardware and software. The challenge is finding a server powerful enough to host and analyze these massive amounts of data. Cloud computing offers one solution to this problem, because metrics can be spread over thousands of individual computers as opposed to stored on individual devices.

IT recruiting company Modis recently evaluated the current job market in the United States and ranked San Francisco as the top city for big data in the entire nation, according to This is because Bay Area companies tend to focus on customer relationships and industry trends - big data enables these businesses to survey their entire client base, even if this means millions of individuals.

General Tech

Even if big data is not your area of expertise, there are still plenty of technological jobs available in the greater Bay Area, including as far south as San Jose.

"It has been good for areas like San Jose and other tech-heavy sectors," Jordan Levine, director of economic research at Beacon Economics, said in an interview, according to MSN. "Places like San Jose, where companies are providing these productivity-enhancing products, are the ones that are seeing big expansion in their payrolls and employment base."

San Francisco experienced a 3.6 percent job growth rate, the second highest regional growth in the nation, second only to the actual Silicon Valley, according to Wired. Therefore, Northern California is currently one of the best places to find a job if you are working in the tech industry.

From a living standpoint, plenty of technicians commute to either downtown San Francisco or the Silicon Valley from Bay Area homes. Consider checking out the MLS listings for a definitive list of property for sale in the region.