Silicon Valley jobs may be helping San Francisco real estate

Silicon Valley is south of the Bay Area, approximately an hour drive from downtown San Francisco. It is a hot spot for influential tech companies including Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, and LinkedIn, according to Silicon Valley News.  For this reason, people come from all over the world to work for these companies, often commuting from San Francisco for a chance to live in the beautiful and trendy neighborhoods it offers.

The employment opportunities offered in Silicon Valley have recently helped the homes for sale in the Bay Area sell faster and boost the local real estate market in general, reports local news source SFBay. The media outlet explains many of these tech companies are sending buses to San Francisco to pick up employees to make the commute easier. As a result, some houses located near the bus stops are selling for more than expected and receiving many offers.

Harder hit regions in the Bay Area are seeing a rebound, and sellers are finally starting to see more their properties, one local real estate expert told the source.