San Francisco looks to ban plastic bags

Environmental conservation is a focal point of municipal improvement strategies in the current world. Proper waste management and carbon footprint reduction are two popular methods to reduce energy cost, and many metro areas are implementing plans that incorporate these ideas. Potential homeowners searching for homes for sale in the Bay Area should be aware that San Francisco is among the nation's leading cities in terms of conservation strategies.

Chinatown in San Francisco has become known for its non-descript pink plastic shopping bags that customers place their goods in, but officials are moving to ban them over concerns about littering. Though things like cigarette butts and paper bags are also a large factor, some experts estimate that almost 1 percent of all trash in San Francisco is comprised of plastic bags.

New legislation calls for customers to be charged a dime for "single use" bags, and the tax is meant to encourage the use of reusable canvas sacks. Residents who do not adhere to the rules should beware - hefty fines of up to $500 come with a violation of the law. All retail and culinary establishments are expected to begin phasing in the 10 cent tax immediately.