San Francisco job market continues to heat up

If you are an entrepreneur, you know the hardest part of starting a business is finding people willing to donate their time and money and invest in your project. Recently, Inc. Magazine ranked the United States metro areas with the "fastest-growing companies," and San Francisco easily broke into the top ten. If you are looking for homes for sale in the Bay Area, you might consider moving into a house in or close to the city.

Inc. Magazine reported that San Francisco had 156 companies out of the list of 5,000 businesses, and claimed the Bay Area was the best place to be if one is in search of start-up funding. The employment market in the metro area is heavily dependent on the local technology industry.

Additionally, according to Tech Crunch, the number of tech jobs in San Francisco has nearly tripled since January 2012, which is great news for engineers and other technical professionals in the greater Bay Area. The exponential increase in hiring makes the metro area a prime target for industry experts looking to relocate to a different city.

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