San Francisco Italian eateries worth visiting

The temperate weather and cool nights in San Francisco are a great complement to quality Italian food. After moving into one of the homes for sale in the Bay Area, take a break and check out some of these fine Italian establishments in the nearby metro area.

A16 Restaurant

Even though A16 opened just eight years ago in 2004, it has gathered local buzz like wildfire. The restaurant is located at 2355 Chestnut Street, and serves up a number of traditional Italian dishes, including wood-fired pizzas, house-made salami  and seasonal vegetables. Most staff members have spent some time in Italian studying traditional cuisine, and they aim to make the dishes here as authentic as possible, according to the restaurant website.


Delfina has been around a little longer than A16, as it first opened its doors to business in 1998. The meats here are hand-cured by knowledgeable preparers, and all of the pasta is made fresh on-site. The chefs at Delfina say that simple is better - most dishes are purposely kept light so customers can enjoy the exquisite care that goes into each ingredient. Check out the establishment at 3621 18th Street.