Restaurant industry offers great fun in San Jose

The local food and entertainment culture of a city can impact a potential homebuyer's decision to purchase a property there. While the local food culture may seem insignificant to some in comparison to many details about a community, a buyer with an interest in food knows that identifying the quality and vibe of the local establishments could greatly impact his or her happiness in the area.

Before purchasing one of the houses for sale in San Jose, a potential buyer may want to consider the quantity and quality of the local food and entertainment scene. The San Jose population of 926,799 is served by approximately 4,707 restaurants and 260 bars within a 15 mile radius surrounding the city, according to HomeInsight.

There are a variety of restaurants that foodies will love in San Jose. While there is an overabundance of burrito hangouts in this metro, there is one eatery that stands out above the crowd. Mercury News reports that Freebirds World Burrito is an affordable Mexican-style hangout that is popular with the crowds of people that work near The Alameda. The order line can get a bit chaotic during regular lunch and dinner hours - however, those who are craving the taste of black beans, rice, cheese and bold sauces may find the food worth the wait. Check out Freebirds World Burrito at 1205 The Alameda in San Jose for a juicy burrito or tantalizing taco.

After work, some South Bay residents can be found drinking a couple pints of their favorite brews at the Los Gatos Brewing Company in San Pedro Square. The business was established in 1991 and it isn't your average watering hole. According to the brewery's website, the old world charms of the locale and the fine microbrews available on tap have attracted beer drinkers from around the world to spend a night sampling the wares. Fans of microbreweries can visit Los Gatos Brewing Company at 163 West Santa Clara Street in San Jose.

According to the United States Department of Labor's statistics for the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region, there were 81,700 people employed in the leisure and hospitality services - up 5.8 percent in a year-over-year comparison. As more potential homebuyers move into the greater San Jose region, employment opportunities may increase as restaurant, bar and entertainment venue owners expand and open up new locations.