Rest easy in San Francisco

It is no secret that a lack of sleep can lead to a number of health problems. The San Francisco Chronicle reported poor sleeping habits can cause people to become depressed, especially when it comes to anticipating negative events and holding a negative attitude. Some people even claimed to be confused when choosing what to eat. But anyone who buys one of the homes for sale in the Bay Area can rest easy - some local companies are offering classes on how to beat insomnia.

For example, San Francisco private practice Habit Project recently scheduled a tele-class on July 12 to help people fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and wake up more refreshed, according to the news source. Attendance is free, and residents can share the information they learn through a variety of social media outlets.

"In 2011, The National Sleep Foundation released a sleep poll showing that 63 percent of Americans said they weren't getting enough sleep," William Song of Habit Project told the news source. "Sleep experts have found that a lack of sleep can cause car accidents, increased irritability and lower productivity at work. And it can hurt physical health as well, including a decreased immune system. We need a higher quality of sleep to counter these problems."

Those with recurring sleeplessness may want to contact the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy. Psychologists here specialize in treating residents for a variety of different conditions, including insomnia. You can visit the center, located in the Rockridge section of Oakland, or call 510-652-4455 to make an appointment.