Proposal asks for $195 million to improve city parks

Despite the fact that people flock to cities for their urban environment, everyone still appreciates a little green here and there. Most metro areas in the United States have a few parks and public gardens for aesthetic appeal, and homes for sale in the Bay Area are near some great natural areas. Residents of the city are in luck - the expansive park system in San Francisco could receive a very large overhaul should a proposal attain public approval.

Residents will vote in November on the proposed initiative, which requests $195 million to help improve parks such as the Golden Gate Recreation Area, McLaren Park and Lake Merced. The money would be distributed as follows:

• $21 million for the three large parks listed above.
• $99 million for local and small parks.
• $40.5 million for water conservation, trail restoration and playground improvements.
• $34.5 million for the waterfront areas.

San Francisco is already filled with beautiful scenery, and this proposal would essentially make the city one of the most visually appealing communities in the United States. Potential homeowners are strongly encouraged to move to a home within walking distance of these natural recreation areas.