Produce market in San Francisco to get multi-million dollar upgrade

Bayview is a neighborhood featuring a large number of houses for sale in San Francisco, and it also contains one of the largest natural produce centers in the entire city. The San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market began 137 years ago near the Embarcadero, according to the San Francisco Gate, and then was relocated to Bayview in the 1960s. It has been providing fresh vegetables, fruit and other produce to the city ever since.

"In many ways, this place is an incubator for small businesses," Dale Carlson, a spokesman for the nonprofit that manages the facility, told the news source. "We would argue it's an essential hub for the city's food industry.

Mayor Ed Lee is pushing for a $100 million long-term investment plan that would create hundreds of jobs and modernize the traditionally unobtrusive market. An expansion to the market could boost the quality of life of local residents as well. After all, who wouldn't want to live within minutes of fresh food?

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