The Palace of Fine Arts is an incredible feature of San Francisco

There are many architectural wonders in San Francisco, and even the homes for sale in the Bay Area were built using a variety of artistic methods. The city and the greater metro area has a number of fantastic structures that serve as testaments to unique building styles, and also function as museums and entertainment centers. One such establishment is the Palace of Fine Arts, located in the northern sector of San Francisco adjacent to the Crissy Field Marsh.

The entire complex looks like something that could have existed in ancient Rome. The structure is shaped like a big C, with the interior bordering a small lake and lined with towering stone columns. The Exploratorium is a white, domed circular building that is situated in the center of the C, and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. Even the lake is picture-perfect - groves of trees line a walking path that borders the complex.

When you have some free time, head down to 3301 Lyon Street to catch a play or theater performance - it is a great way to experience some of the culture of this famous Californian city.