Opportunities for students and young residents reside in Santa Clara

For families interested in purchasing one of the homes for sale in Santa Clara, the city's scholastic and family support programs may be a potential draw. Santa Clara officials and various organizations have developed a number of programs designed to help families stay safe, educated and connected to the community.

Santa Clara's Zero to Six program
The Zero to Six program was created by Youth Services and Literary staff from the Santa Clara City Library and Early Learning for Families grant from the California State Library and the City of Santa Clara. According to the city's website, this new initiative was created to help young families connect with child care providers with local and national resources.

On the parents' page, the organization provides a list of links to various PDF files or websites like "Everyday Ways to Support Your Baby and Toddler's Early Learning," or "How to Create a Literate Home." Education, health, development and nutrition resources are provided to those who wish to take advantage of them and have access to the internet.

After school programs are available in Santa Clara
Parents who wish to send their children to an after-school program have a wide variety to choose from. According to the city's website, some programs are run by schools themselves, the city or various organizations.

For example, the Walter E. Schmidt Youth Activity Center offers free sports-related activities to students who attend one of the Santa Clara elementary or middle school students. There is a homework room and computer lab available to students during the after-school program, where students may begin to study or read in a quiet and safe environment. The computer lab contains 10 workstations, each equipped with Microsoft Office programs and internet access.

Volunteer opportunities are also available to older students who wish to assist in the homework room or computer lab, set up or clean up for special activities, assist in the supervision of participants and help students in the backpack storage area.

Additionally, for students between the ages of 14 and 16, there is the opportunity to participate in Leadership in Training Experience (LITE). Young adults are encouraged to volunteer in Santa Clara Parks and Recreation summer programs, and recruitment for these positions begins every spring.