Onward California campaign demonstrates the importance of the UC system

Colleges and universities are important parts of the communities in which they reside. Well-regarded institutions of higher learning help local economies by attracting new residents to live and shop in the area. Furthermore, a large body of creative and engaged students helps the city bolster its entertainment and artistic offerings. However, there is another less-obvious way that colleges contribute to a community - innovation. Filled with inspired and collaborative students and professors, college campuses are hotbeds of ingenuity. This academic excitement makes college towns more desirable and unique places to live.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Berkeley, where the University of California, Berkeley, is engaged in an effort to maximize the gains from its students' and professors' innovations. People who own real estate in Berkeley, California, may find this particularly advantageous, as a highly creative campus is a great source of vibrancy and fun in a community.

Throughout California, there are banners proclaiming the tremendous impact of UC Berkeley and other schools in the state's university system on the region's culture. One such banner at the Oakland International Airport reads: "By the time you reach your destination we'll probably have a new invention. UC researchers average 4 inventions a day - constantly moving California forward."

Through these banners and other initiatives, the state university system is hoping to educate Californians about the important role the schools play in making the region a compelling and diverse place to live. It is easy for residents to ignore the significant impact the schools have on the community, so the program helps demonstrate the value of the universities.

"The whole goal of the [Onward California campaign] is to really connect with California and ensure that Californians understand the role that the UC plays in their lives in sort of unexpected and daily ways," Jason Simon, director of marketing communications at the UC Office of the President, told The Daily Californian.

California and the Bay Area are known for a strong network of world-renowned higher-learning institutions, and this campaign could help attract more residents and funding as the schools' values are more openly discussed. If you are seeking a region that is home to such institutions - and the inventive students and professors contained within - you may want to check out some of the homes for sale in Berkeley