New housing projects flood the Oakland market

The Bay Area is renowned for its work with residents to provide quality, affordable housing, and the homes for sale in Oakland are normally the epitome of this positive reputation. Oakland is a community that cares about the well-being of its citizens, and recently, new housing projects are sparking great hope for the East Bay.

East Oakland
People in East Oakland have been searching for housing ever since the real estate recession of the mid 2000s. However, with Northern California posting firm gains in the property sector, many people are now finding quality homes as the entire Bay Area recovers as one.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on an affordable housing development that has just come to East Oakland. The Clinton Commons, located on East 11th Street in the San Antonio neighborhood, has plenty of features that could be found in million-dollar homes. Green roofing technology, solar panels, automatic lights and continual bathroom fans are just a few of the energy-saving appliances that have now become a staple of Oakland homes.

"After the journey I've been through the last three years, I feel relief. Indescribable relief," said new property owner Jeanice Spence, according to the news source.

If you are looking for an affordable housing unit in Oakland, you might wish to look to the east to find your new digs.

Locals give back to the community
Everyone who lives in Oakland carries a fierce regional pride, as anyone who has been to a Raiders-49ers game can attest. Therefore, many former residents come back to Oakland to help improve current citizens' lives.

The San Francisco Business Times reported that developer Seth Hamalian recently bought a large property in Uptown, and he dreams of building affordable homes for people in the area.

"I grew up in Oakland, so I’ve always been really passionate about its future as a fabulous city," said Hamalian, according to the news source.

The 28-story project is currently in the very early stages of development, but as the year comes to an end the timeframe should begin to get sorted out. As demand continues to grow in all areas of Oakland, you may want to check out some of the current properties on the market before they become too scarce.