New high-rise building proposed in downtown Berkeley

It has been four decades since a high-rise building was constructed in Berkeley, but a recent proposal could soon bring a new 180-foot-tall tower to the city's downtown. According to Berkeleyside, local officials are considering an opportunity to construct a $200 million multi-use high-rise on Harold Way.

The building could substantially affect some of the homes for sale in Berkeley and businesses throughout the city. Berkeley residents could enjoy a 12,000-square foot, publicly accessible courtyard that will feature cafe seating, public art and lush landscaping at the high-rise. The area may even be used to host art and music shows.

"It's going to create an urban experience that doesn't exist right now in Berkeley," a local real estate expert told the news source.

How will the high-rise impact Harold Way?
Harold Way, a block-long street that runs between Kittredge Avenue and Allston Way, could be dramatically changed if a new high-rise is built. The recent proposal may bring new cafes and stores to Harold Way, and these businesses could significantly impact the local economy.

"There are [many] spaces that are dead and are not being used," Gretchen Barth, one of the high-rise project's supporters, told the news source. "We hope to revive that area."

Many residents may visit Harold Way for various reasons. The street is surrounded by homes, a bookstore and Shattuck Cinemas, and the new high-rise could bring exciting opportunities for Berkeley residents.

For example, new cafes and stores will offer a wide variety of goods and services to local citizens. These people may take advantage of the opportunities to visit Harold Way and the surrounding area, and increased interest could provide a boost to the city's economy.

Meanwhile, the ability to attract potential customers may help draw more businesses and property buyers to the region. Berkeley offers a vast array of attractions and entertainment, and innovative art and music shows at the new high-rise's courtyard provide fun for visitors of all ages.

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