Get a cheap flight out of the Bay Area

The homes for sale in the Bay Area are located in close proximity to a number of different international airports. There are three major air hubs in the greater region - San Francisco International Airport (KFSO), Oakland International Airport (KOAK) and the Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport.

While there are millions of places to visit in the surrounding countryside, sometimes you just have to drop everything and get away for a week. If you find this is the case, check out some of the most affordable destinations to fly to from the Bay Area.

Las Vegas
Do you feel like taking a chance with a little of your hard-earned cash? Why not take a weekend trip to Sin City, which is just a short hop away in Nevada. Most of the time, a one-way ticket will cost you less than $50, so long as you book a few months in advance. And even a last-minute trip won't break the bank - who knows, you might even be able to win back the cost of your flight!

Logan International Airport in Boston is a major transportation hub for Atlantic flights, and you can typically secure a cheaper fare by tagging along on an airplane with a layover in Beantown. This New England city might be a bit cooler in the winter, but you can still take a walk on the Freedom Trail or cheer at a Patriots, Bruins, Celtics or Red Sox game.

According to, flights to Boston can be secured in advance for lower than $150 - quite a bargain considering you are flying across the entire United States.

While Southern California advertises warm temperatures year-round, sometimes the beaches of Los Angeles aren't enough for the adventurous traveler. If this is your problem, head to the Panhandle and fly out to Miami - one of the hottest cities in Florida. You've definitely heard of Miami Beach, and the nightlife here is out of this world. The cheapest tickets can be secured for around $120 for a one-way trip, but make sure to book way in advance - this city is in the national tourism spotlight right now.

Sick of the United States and want to experience life in another country? You're in luck - just like Boston is the hub when flying to Europe, San Francisco is a major stopping point for planes headed to Oceania and Asia. And, one of the most popular endpoints is the continent country of Australia.

Always wanted to see the Sydeny Opera House? Save $648 and you are there. Trying to check out Melbourne and the outback in Victoria? You only need $623. Gold Coast, a huge tourist destination full of casinos and beaches, will only run you $711.

San Francisco is home to some of the best sushi in the United States, but why not head to the dish's country of origin when you can secure a fare under $650? Yokohama is technically located to the south of Japan's capital city, but you'll still be close enough to Tokyo to make a trip to its famous sushi joints.

Cruisin California
Alright, lets face it - you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a one-way ticket to a destination thousands of miles away. Perfect! You can stay in-state and still experience the adventure of a lifetime. You can fly south to Los Angeles or San Diego for well under $70 - this would put you quite close to hot spots in Mexico and even northern destinations like Santa Barbara.