Find the best shopping districts in San Francisco

Homes for sale in the Bay Area are known for their proximity to some of the best shopping centers in San Francisco. Whether you are looking for a clothing outlet or an entertainment center, the gallerias, malls and piers of the city have got you covered. When you have free time after the move, take a trip to the waterfront or financial district to enjoy some unique boutiques and stores.

Union Square
The Union Square District has to be - hands down - the premiere shopping location in downtown San Francisco. It offers a glimpse into the unique local charm, while still being a hot spot for regional tourists and world travelers alike. Try this shopping spot when you’re looking for name-brand designers or the latest in electronics and home entertainment. The district offers both casual and fine dining, with options for families as well as groups that are more intimate.

If you’re willing to leave the square itself, there are plenty of other options. You’ll find the Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre close by on Market Street, and the Crocker Galleria sits on the border of Union Square and the Financial District.

Fillmore Street
Fillmore Street is another ‘Frisco favorite when it comes to paining the town. It features mostly upscale boutiques and eateries, but is known for its friendly neighborhood feel. The shopping areas cover Fillmore, Jackson and Geary Streets, and many of the boutiques are housed in old Victorian buildings, which add an element of history to the easy-going and highly multi-cultural environment.

Pier 39
Pier 39 is home to a wide range of local shops and is a popular tourist stop for visitors. Skip the souvenir stores here and instead head to places like Chocolate Heaven and Wines of California.