Elegant San Francisco neighborhoods

People all over the world travel to California to experience the world-class dining and shopping, chic culture and breathtaking views San Francisco has to offer. Between the iconic, red Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful city landscape, there's truly something for anyone moving to the San Francisco area. Furthermore, a family hoping to buy one of the homes for sale in the Bay Area can enjoy the city while living in one of its many elegant neighborhoods. 

Some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the city are Marina and Presidio Heights. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, as of April 8 the median home price in Marina is $1.3M and in Presidio it is $1.6M. Most of the homes that make up both Marina and Presidio are two level single family homes and feature a rarity in this city - front and back yards. A family living in this area of town shouldn't be surprised to see someone they recognize from their favorite blockbuster as their next door neighbor.

Cross over the famous bridge via Highway 1 and you will find yourself in one of North Bay Area's most scenic areas including Marin and Sausalito. The quiet, exclusive neighborhoods that make up these areas are perfect for families who would like a secluded retreat away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco city life. However, when you're in the mood for some people watching, delicious dinners and luxurious spa treatments, simply head over to Bridgeway - the main drag in Sausalito. It arguably has some of the best shops and restaurants in the North Bay including Susi Ran at 107 Caledonia Street - two blocks off Bridgeway.

Another excellent neighborhood in San Francisco is Seacliff. The median price for a home in this community is also approximately 1.6M, just slightly under Presidio Heights. This is the quintessential place to buy a home for families looking for large homes and stunning ocean views. One of the best areas for high-end, luxury real estate, Seacliff is located just southwest of Presidio and northwest of downtown San Francisco. Many of the homes in this neighborhood feature Spanish influences, but there's also a nice mix of Georgian mansions and French chateaus. No matter the style of these homes, many of them feature scenic paths leading down to the water and offer spectacular views.