Educational opportunities reside in San Jose

The variety of educational facilities available to San Jose residents affords workers new professional opportunities. As a worker seeks advancement in his or her chosen field, further training and education may be required. Higher education establishments can provide San Jose workers with the lessons or certifications they require to change industries or advance their careers.

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San Jose workforce remains strong
The strength of a metro's employment sector can attract professionals and businesses to an area. According to the United States Department of Labor's statistics for the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara region, there presently exists a civilian workforce of 940,300 people. The greater metro areas unemployment rate was 8 percent in September 2012.

The professional and business services sector employs the greatest number of local residents, with 179,400 workers in September 2012 - a 3.2 percent increase in a year-over-year comparison. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing is the second-largest employment industry in the greater San Jose area. About 161,300 people work in this industry - a 1.4 percent increase compared to September 2011.

Higher education opportunities available in San Jose
San Jose State University, located in One Washington Square, offers more than 130 bachelor's and masters' degrees with 110 concentrations in seven colleges. The nationally recognized programs at this facility are supported by small teacher-to-student ratios where tenured professors teach both entree level and advanced courses.

By being in the middle of San Jose, students are able to travel easily to the campus. If a professional is looking to advance his or her career or even just wants to learn something new, attending a few classes at the local university could be helpful.

Another high-quality institution is available if a person wants a different kind or education, prefers the location or needs a different program. The San Jose City College located at 2100 Moorpark Avenue provides students with five different academic divisions that contain various classes and subset curriculums.

By living in San Jose, professionals are able to continue their education and advance their career without ever leaving the city limits.