Deco Ghetto - an emerging San Francisco neighborhood

As you look at homes for sale in the Bay Area, be careful to not disregard a neighborhood simply because of its name. You may have heard about the neighborhood informally called Deco Ghetto and not paid it much attention for this reason. While the name may sound a little strange, but it's becoming an increasingly popular place to live within the city and might well be the location of your perfect home.

Named for its wide array of Art Deco furniture stores, Deco Ghetto can be found starting at Market Street from Franklin to Guerrero Street and south down Valencia to 14th Street. The area is also sometimes referred to as Mid-Market or the Hub. The San Francisco Chronicle explains while some of the peripheral neighborhoods, such as The Mission and Russian Hill, are established and well-defined, Deco Ghetto could be considered a "teenager" by comparison, so to speak, in the sense that its identity is still developing.

More and more trendy shops, restaurants and bars are popping up in the area, as well as a new freeway off-ramp onto Market Street. Tree-lined streets and nearby parks make this an excellent place to call home. It's also an affordable area given its proximity to many of the conveniences of San Francisco. Don't look over Deco Ghetto simply because of its name - stop by this neighborhood to experience a unique part of the Bay Area.