Cyclists in San Francisco should be wary of safety crackdowns

Homes for sale in the Bay Area are a great choice for cycling enthusiasts. The greater metro area has plenty of bike paths to choose from, and the temperate weather makes these places accessible all year long. However, residents of the city should be wary of recent crackdowns by city police - tickets and fines are an unpleasant consequence of not following proper safety rules.

The Huffington Post recently published an article on the high rate of cyclist receiving tickets in San Francisco, even though the San Francisco Police Department acknowledged there was no coordinated effort being planned by the authorities. However, recent incidents may have contributed to more rigid enforcement of biking laws.

For example, KTVU reported an elderly man was struck by a cyclist while using a crosswalk. The biker may have run a red light, which was similar to another case in 2011 where a pedestrian was also hit after a cyclist failed to stop. Just like cars, bicyclists in San Francisco are required to yield to pedestrians and stop at all crosswalks and stop signs.

San Francisco is still a great place to consider if you’re a biking enthusiast. As long as you share the road and abide by the rules, you can have a great experience here!