Buying Bay Area real estate in "The Haight"

Haight and Ashbury, commonly referred to as “The Haight,” is a vibrant neighborhood in San Francisco known for its rich nightlife, superb shopping and diverse community. In fact, the Haight is one of the richest commercial centers in San Francisco, and buying Bay Area real estate in this sector puts you in the midst of it all.

The Haight, bounded by Golden Gate Park on its west and Buena Vista Park to its east, sits between the intersection of Haight Street and Ashbury Street.  This part of San Francisco has long been recognized for its picture perfect Victorian homes and eclectic boutiques that line the streets. And with famous attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge just minutes away, The Haight draws thousands of tourists each year.  For homebuyers who are looking for a lively area with pulsing energy, buying Bay Area real estate within the boundaries of The Haight is definitely worth considering.

An Eclectic Mix of People

What’s more, those who are interested in buying a home in the Bay Area will find themselves living with people from all walks of life if they choose to buy in San Francisco. The Haight once drew in the avant-garde crowd, serving as home to the children of the 60s who were revolting against modern culture, but today it is a popular spot for people of all types. In the Haight, you will find artists living alongside businessmen with people of all races coming together as they stroll through vintage bookstores or bike along Panhandle of Golden Gate Park.

Life in The Haight

What makes buying a home in the Bay Area, and buying a home in The Haight in particular, so appealing are all of the comfortable amenities this neighborhood offers. It is rich in parkland with some of San Francisco’s most popular parks serving as the boundaries for the neighborhood. The Haight even has its own dedicated bike path, called “The Wiggle,” that allows bicyclists to get around the community without passing the more traffic-heavy intersections or taking on the neighborhood’s iconic hills.

The Haight offers tons dining options, and when the sun sets, the neighborhood comes alive with its popular dive bars. For those who are interested in a thriving nightlife, The Haight offers entertainment well into the morning hours.

For those who work in downtown and are interested in buying Bay Area real estate; you can take Oak Street, Fell Street, or the freeway directly into the downtown region, making the commute fairly straightforward. Traffic can be a problem, but local bus service as well as the famous San Francisco styled streetcars both offer public transportation options

Real Estate Options in Haight-Ashbury

If the culture and ambiance of Haight and Ashbury is interesting to you, you can look into several different types of properties. The painted Victorian homes lining the streets are one of the most popular property-types among those who are looking into buying a home in the Bay Area. Many of these Victorian estates have been painstakingly restored to their former glory. Because land in the neighborhood is at a premium, condos and multi-unit properties are also popular, making it a great place for the investment buyer. Home buyers can expect a median home price of around $905,000 for a condo and over $1.3 million for a single-family home.


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