Bay Area known for great schools and improving housing market

When searching for a home, most people try to find a house that meets at least a few characteristics out of a dozen desired traits. These lists normally include qualities like burgeoning asking prices and proximity to fantastic schools. However, you may be able to get both of these in one region - homes for sale in the Bay Area are part of an improving housing market and are also located near renowned educational institutions.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the most popular communities in the United States for families with young children, and among these places were the two towns of Hillsborough and Saratoga, California. Both are located in the southern portion of the Bay Area and feature some of the best academic systems in Northern California.

In addition, the housing market in San Francisco and the surrounding areas is improving at an exponential rate. According to The Washington Post, home prices in San Francisco are up more than 3 percent from a year ago, which is sparking renewed interest in local property.

If you have young children and are seeking to move to an area with great homes and schools, look no further than the temperate weather of the Bay Area.