Where to Search for a New Home: Baltimore's Hidden Secrets

Located along the Patapsco River in the central portion of Maryland, the City of Baltimore is the state’s largest city, though not the state capital. The city proper is home to just over 600,000 residents though the Baltimore metropolitan area has a population of approximately 2.7 million people. Often referred to as a “city of neighborhoods”, Baltimore homes for sale include both old and new offerings. If you are planning to purchase a home in Baltimore in the near future, there are a number of neighborhoods that should be included in your Baltimore home search, including Little Italy, Fell’s Point, and Harbor East.

As was common in other older American cities, the Baltimore neighborhood that was first occupied by vast numbers of Italian immigrants in the early to late 20th century became known as Little Italy. Little Italy can be found just east of the Inner Harbor between the neighborhoods of Inner Harbor and Fell’s Point and remains home to a significant Italian-American population. The neighborhood is also known for its abundance of excellent restaurants and for the outdoor film festival held right in the intersection of Stiles and High Street. Visitors flock to the neighborhood during the summer months to attend one of the many Italian festivals or events. Baltimore homes for sale in Little Italy tend to be either older row houses or newer condominiums or lofts that are found in converted industrial spaces. Home values can fluctuate wildly depending on what a buyer is looking for with single family row homes averaging around $200,000 and newly renovated lofts going for $500,000 and above.

On the north shore of Baltimore Harbor you will find the historic neighborhood of Fell’s Point. Known for both its maritime past and for its more than 120 pubs, Fell’s Point is also home to numerous antique stores, coffee shops, and eclectic stores. Originally settled by Polish, German, and other eastern European immigrants almost 250 years ago, Fell’s Point has gone through a number of ethnic changes over the years including the most recent wave of Hispanic immigrants which has led to the neighborhood nickname “Spanish Town”. The entire neighborhood is registered with the National Registry of Historic Districts. Not surprisingly, there are numerous historic buildings and homes found throughout Fell’s Point as well. Gentrification of Fell’s Point began slowly during the 1970s, gaining steam as the century came to a close. As a result, property values increased while crime decreased. In 2012 Fell’s Point was selected by the American Planning Association as one of the Great Places in America in the neighborhood category. A Baltimore home search in the Fell’s Point neighborhood will turn up similar options to those found in Little Italy – row houses and converted industrial space. The combination of the historic character of the neighborhood, the proximity to downtown, and the urban renewal accomplished in Fell’s Point have all led to Baltimore homes for sale in the area to sell for above average prices.

Originally named Inner Harbor East, the neighborhood now known as Harbor East sits along the northern shoreline of the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River. The newest of the three neighborhoods, Harbor East is a mixed use planned neighborhood where residents and visitors alike can enjoy a stroll along the 2,000 foot waterfront promenade. Residents of Harbor East enjoy proximity to five star restaurants, high end shopping, nightlife, and entertainment all within walking distance. What Baltimore homes for sale in Harbor East will likely not include are single family homes. For the most part, a Baltimore home search in Harbor East will turn up high rise apartment and condominium living with average prices beginning around $500,000.

A home buyer looking for a dream home in Baltimore is sure to find what he or she is looking for in Little Italy, Fell’s Point, or Harbor East.

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