New casino could prompt job creation in Baltimore

The approval of a new casino in Baltimore could increase employment opportunities in the metro area. On July 31, Caesars Entertainment Corp. got the green light to build a $310 million casino near M&T Bank Stadium, the Baltimore Business Journal reports.

The addition could spark the creation of new jobs and increase property values in the area, which could in turn lead to an improved economic outlook. Professionals in the entertainment or luxury and leisure industry could purchase one of the homes for sale in Baltimore near a public transit route to decrease the length of their commute.

In June 2012, approximately 118,500 professionals worked in the leisure and hospitality industry in the Baltimore-Towson region, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Even more workers may find opportunities at the new casino, which is expected to bring in about $384.4 million a year and create 1,200 part- and full-time jobs.

"The commission finds that the award of a license to CBAC Gaming LLC is in the public and best interest of the state," said Donald C. Fry, chair of the Maryland Video Lottery Terminal Facility Commission, according to the news source. 

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